Born in France but mostly brought up in Africa, I have a long traveling history: Kenya, Greece, US, Tanzania, Ivory Cost and France for studies.
I surprised no one when my itchy back pack drove me to India in 1994.
This Destination was a pure hazard but 23 years later it has been long back corrected and it’ s finally more like Karma…
After a lot of trips, a graphic designing course, 15 years in the textile industry and 2 children, photography came naturally as my mode of communication.
I love its flexibility and its unlimited options of light play, I love color and composition, I also love its proximity. Last but not least I love studying human nature. Having realized at an early age that I wanted to travel and meet people, I would probably be an anthropologist if not a photographer, what else? It has to be about people and documenting their lives, as many people, as many stories. It has to be about my environment and capturing it, as many places, as many inspirations…

Artist statement
Photography is my life! I have grown closer and closer to it, intimate, till one day it went under my skin and has stayed there ever since, gushing through my veins, framing framing and framing. Childhood, teenage and adulthood have created my past and build in a form of adaptability which makes me a citizen of the world, my camera is my loyal companion in the journey. It helps me create a healthy distance between the sensor and what is unfolding ahead. Travelling and being out of my comfort zones are key to generating the right opportunities. It’s about experience, about seeing and living the moment, it’s about putting the normal into a frame and finding beauty right there. It’s about imperfection and honesty, it’s about love and hate it’s very simple with no twist. It’s about what I’m given to see. It’s about connecting and building those necessary bridges across cultures and faces but more importantly it’s about sharing! It’s about fraying a passage for viewers into my unknown, about opening the book of life and making it public. So I just welcome you to what I compose and extract from my surroundings. It’s about you being able to see through my eyes.