The 7 days on Boomland have turned my world upside down and surely transformed my life for ever as a person but also as a photographer and story teller. Not only in the very classical humbling way we all want to feel when faced with differences and courage but also in a deep felt and observed respect for all the Mad Max s in wheel chairs, for all the modern Amazon’s and finally for all these extra ordinary Super heroes and their inner circle gangs I happened to meet in Boom.


I was not able to use neither my camera nor my profession as an emotional shield… I had to be… I had to see.


Boomland is huge, hot, hard, loud and crowded and there’s only this much that can be done to help accessibility. A lot could still be improved yet the spirit has been reached and is alive running in the veins of all the deep connections experienced this July.

Boom festival s main focus remains to spread Love and power and it clearly does.


I have decided to keep the stories anonymous without naming of describing peoples conditions or disabilities.

I hope the images speak for themselves and call for some questioning… or not…

I hope this series of images will come to remind us all that it’s important to look at “different groups” from the inside and not as curiosities but also from the affect, with respect for each character, each loneliness.

I hope the visuals show the wild extravagance, the sheer madness in built in each of these souls and in all of us.

I hope they haunt us and create the desire to give more, to be more generous in a world who unfortunately only loans on collateral.

I hope they teach us the will to discover and hug the differences and tame them.